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  In-Person Beginner Group Guitar Class
Reagan High School 
January 26, 2022 Wednesday's 7:00-8:00 PM
Does your child want to learn how to play the acoustic or electric guitar?
 Young musicians will learn songs on the guitar with chords while learning easy music theory. 
The possibilities are endless when your child understands music at a fundamental level. 
The  class may be divided into age groups if enrollment exceeds 15 students. 

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Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons New Students 
 $175 per month
Full Hour Weekly Guitar Lessons 
Includes months with 5 weeks, 
auto-recurring payments 12 months 
String Changes 

Acoustic Guitar String Change $35 strings included

Electric Guitar String Changes $40 strings included

Electric Guitar String Changes Floating Bridge 
$45 strings included

Christmas Gift Special Discounted
3 Months Lessons 30 Minutes Every Week
30 Minute Lesson each week for 3 Months
 New Students InPerson Lessons At Huebner Location
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