Music Lessons San Antonio
Guitar, Bass, Voice, Ukulele, Drums. 
Texas Education Code Chapter 22 Compliant 
   Private Music Instruction at the Music Masters Center 
at 15714 Huebner North San Antonio Area, 
Online Lessons Available for Local and out of State Students.
Group Lessons at the Music Masters Center,
 at Ronald Reagan High School and 
Director, Producer, Camp Counselor and Guitar Instructor with Multiple Nationwide Music Camps in Dallas Texas, 
San Diego California, Atlanta Georgia and Boulder Colorado.   
   Recitals with San Antonio Spurs, 
SA Rampage Hockey, and WNBA Stars Games, 
Performing National Anthems, Half Time,
 Concourse, and Overtime Court Yard Performances at the AT&T Center,
New! Student Performances Encino Rio Old Fire Station Community Center. 
​New Event Concert Coming Soon!


Recitals/Performances at the AT&T Center

San Antonio Rampage Hockey 
New Years Eve December 31, 2010 National Anthem 
WNBA SilverStars Basketball Season Opener
June 4, 2011 PreGame Concourse Performance
WNBA SilverStars Basketball 
June 21, 2011 Halftime Show 
San Antonio Rampage Hockey 
December 30, 2011 National Anthem
San Antonio Rampage Hockey 
April 13, 2012 Concourse Performance
San Antonio Rampage Hockey 
December 29, 2012 Concourse Performance
San Antonio Spurs NBA PreGame
 December 23, 2013 Concourse Performance 
San Antonio Rampage Hockey Opening Weekend
October 11, 2014 Concourse Performance 
and Intermission Performances 
San Antonio Spurs NBA PreGame and Intermission Concourse
Easter Sunday April 5, 2015 PreGame 
and Intermission Concourse Preformances 
San Antonio Spurs NBA PreGame Concourse Performance
Sunday January 17, 2016

San Antonio Spurs NBA PreGame Concourse Performance
February 4, 2017 PreGame Concourse Performance
February 4, 2017 

Incredible Pizza Theater 
 Arcades, Laser Tag, Race Track Pizzeria.
July 21, 2018

Encino Rio Fire Station Community Center
July 15, 2023

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Private Lessons
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Customer Reviews/ Recommendations 

Tyler Crouch - I was taught by Giovanni for 2-3 years, and i have to say that i am glad i did. He is clearly an excellent guitar teacher and player. He really helped me learn what i needed to know when starting out with guitar. I know that if i tried to learn by myself, I would have never learned as much as i did with him. Having him as a teacher really is a great deal because once you get good enough, you can play with other students he has. You even have the chance of playing in front of a live audience! I really enjoyed him as a teacher and he is just an overall great person. 
I highly recommend him to teach you guitar.

Great teacher. I decided to learn how to play guitar at 27 and was really worried. Harder to learn things as adults. Love the lessons and Giovanni is a good patient teacher.

Our grandson began lessons at age 9 and although his teacher is a nice person he is not an effective teacher. After about a year we decided to get a new teacher and after interviewing three we selected Giovanni. Our experience with Giovanni has been great! Our grandson has learned more in two months than he did the previous year. Giovanni's method of teaching fundamentals the first half of each lesson followed by practice works. His demeanor is pleasant and encouraging yet firm. He has renewed our grandson's enthusiasm to play the guitar and boosted his confidence and self esteem. I can state with great assurance that Giovanni is a competent and effective teacher and I recommend him highly.

Giovanni is an excellent guitar teacher. As an older student I was a little apprehensive about taking guitar lessons.Giovanni put me at ease immediately. He has a very unique way of teaching that he developed himself. It makes sense and teaches sound musical theory. My relationship started with him through North East Independent Community School group lessons. It was an excellent way for me to see if I wanted to pursue further lessons. As a teacher myself, I saw in him excellent teaching techniques. I pursued several months of lessons and plan to take some more in the future. I saw him put on a performance with his younger students and I was impressed with his interaction with them. 
He cares for his students and wants them to succeed.

Giovanni is a God sent! He is talented,caring and patient. My sons Jonathan and Nicholas have learned so much in such a short time. His passion for music has motivated and inspired both my sons. Not only are they learning to play the guitar, but they are actually learning how to read music and performing as a group at Rampage games, "so exciting!" I highly recommend Giovanni to anyone who is looking for the best in a musician and teacher. He is a blessing !

Justin- 2012
I've always dreamed of playing acoustic guitar but never made time to learn. Now I'm in my 40's and have two kids. Was my musical fantasy as a singer/songwriter gone? No. Thanks to Giovanni. In six months, he took me from a person who didn't even know how to hold an acoustic guitar to someone who can confidently play and sing at least a dozen songs in front of my friends and family. I'm on my way. Gio is a good communicator, a true guitar master, and he loves to share his knowledge with his students. Their success is his success. I would recommend him without hesitation.

Claudine- 2012
I highly recommend Giovanni Reyes to if you want to learn guitar! I use to play and wanted to learn more than the basic guitar chords. I took a class at the NEISD community education course this Feb. and learned so much in 1hr! Circle of 5ths, scales, and how to arrange chords for songs! Giovanni Reyes helped me rediscover guitar playing and what I can accomplish! I plan on continuing!  

Micheal- 2012
Giovanni is an excellent instructor. My daughter was a beginner and he worked with her and she is progressing well. His style is non-threatening and definitely encouraging. The performances serve as incentive to practice and validation to the kids that they are making progress. I recommend him highly.

Christy- 2012
My son loves taking lessons from Giovanni. He says Giovanni is an awesome teacher. He has learned so much from Giovanni in such a short amount of time. My son really looks forward to his weekly lessons and has started joining Giovanni for group lessons as well. I would definitely recommend him to anyone interested in learning how to play - at any level.

Jonathan - 2012
I have been attending group sessions with Gio for about a year. He creates a great atmosphere for learning. He is very knowledgeable in music theory as well as on the guitar. The recitals he arranges are very fun and educational. I would definitely recommend it to everyone!

JEWELS1616 - 2012
My daughter started taking lessons from Giovanni through a group lesson. I observed a few classes and decided he would be the best person to provide private guitar lessons. She has been taking lessons for about 9 months now and she loves it. He is very patient and very knowledgeable. She is learning not only how to play guitar but 
also how to read and interpret music.

Szilvia  - 2012
My son has been taking from Giovanni for two years. He has a calm personality, very patient with the kids. They pick songs together songs they enjoy practicing. I was amazed how fast my son learned his first song. He also works with the kids in groups so they can get used to play with others. Highly recommending Giovanni as a guitar teacher.

Cliff- 2011
Great program! Giovanni really knows his stuff and does a great job interacting with my son. He teaches the theory rather than just rote memorization and truly loves what he does. Highly recommend!!

Jason  - 2011
I've been playing guitar and writing music off and on for about 7 years, but recently realized I always resort to playing the same few chords and progressions. I needed something to reignite my passion for playing again, so I got on my google machine and searched away. After failing to get in contact with several other guitar instructors, I came across the StringTheory6 website, it looked well organized, and I was digging the cosmic feel of it, so I called up Giovanni in pursuit of intermediate guitar lessons. Well, 4 lessons later, I can truly say that God lead me to the ideal guitar instructor! Giovanni radiates with the passion for guitar playing, as well as teaching on an individual basis. He is always concerned with what works for me, not just everyone in general. He teaches based on music theory, which is awesome because you won't learn to just play the guitar, you will learn to be a musician.

Blanca  - 2010
Giovanni with StringTheory 6, is a great teacher for guitar lessons. He is very patient with children and works at a pace so children can learn thoroughly. Giovanni has taught my children guitar lessons for two years twice a week and has proven to be very knowledgeable in music. He not only teaches how to play a song but he teaches music theory. He is very friendly yet professional at all times. I highly recommend Giovanni for guitar lessons, He Rocks!

Glore  - 2010
Giovanni Reyes - String Theory 6 Simply put, Giovanni Reyes (String Theory 6) is a great guitar teacher! He has been teaching my son for about a year, and we are amazed by how much he has learned. Giovanni is both a natural and a professional. He varies the lessons to keep them interesting, teaching simple songs from the beginning, while covering all the fundamentals you need to learn to master the guitar. He's dependable, keeps us informed, and he is a natural in both teaching and in playing the Guitar. If you are a beginner or an experienced guitar player wanting to master new skills, call Giovanni Reyes at String Theory 6!

Celeb  - 2010
Ive been playing guitar for 4 years and performing in bars across Texas for the last 7 months , i recently decided it was time for lessons and found Giovanni on Google. His lessons and ABC's of music really put all the pieces together for me and really helped my overall performance , only after my first few lessons i was playing new scales and incorporating them into what i had already knew.He's very patient with you and he teaches at the speed of the student , so anyone can learn , I highly recommend these lessons to anyone who wants a teacher who can put all the pieces together 

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